Se7en Productions puts Sennheiser at core of new OB trucks

Dubai-based Se7en Productions has invested in two new high-definition OB trucks, with Sennheiser equipment at the heart of each.

The company supplies sound and vision to broadcasters from a number of the United Arab Emirates’ leading sporting events, concerts and live TV shows.

Supplied by Sennheiser’s UAE distributer Venuetech, the equipment includes 10 HMD 281 PRO single side headsets, seven ME 66 short shotgun microphone capsules with seven K-6 battery / phantom power modules, seven sets of HD 212 PRO professional stereo headphones, and six ew 122-p G3 lapel wireless microphone sets.

“Sennheiser equipment is very much the standard for the broadcast industry throughout the world,” said Venuetech’s technical director Elie Khairallah. “The ew 122-p G3 lapel mic system allows for very convenient camera work in electronic news gathering (ENG), while the range of accessories it comes with means that it can be used with any camera that has a hot-shoe mount.

He continued, “The ME 66 shotguns have a very low inherent noise and excellent off axis rejection, making them ideal for difficult, noisy environments."

The latter are designed to provide the ideal solutions for sporting events like the Formula One Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, which this year takes place on 13th November.

“The OB trucks have already been used at a range of sporting events and have a very busy schedule ahead,” said Se7en Productions general manager Pierre Tabet. “Recently we’ve been chosen for a reality TV show that will be travelling all over the Middle East and to some European countries. Sound quality is very important for all our productions, which is why we chose Sennheiser equipment.”