Sennheiser Ambeo 3D sets the mood at Zurich jazz club

Moods jazz club in Zurich has created a new streaming platform for its concerts called, which will feature both live streaming and video on demand.

Around 20 concerts will be provided in Senneheiser’s Ambeo 3D audio between now and the end of the year

Moods is using Sennheiser’s Ambeo for Binaural system to enable the highest quality audio recording, with a Neumann KU 100 dummy head recording the concert in the same way as a listener would experience it.

The dummy head is fitted with two high-quality microphones in its ‘ears’, which capture the sound image in 3D.

This binaural recording carries the complete spatial and ambient information, which is then reproduced when listening via standard stereo headphones.

“When recording jazz music, audio quality is a make or break factor for the listener’s audio experience,” said Claudio Cappellari, co-director of Moods.

The importance of live streaming is growing continuously

– Daniel Sennheiser

“Letting our online guests experience a concert live as if they had a seat on the stage itself – this is only made possible thanks to Ambeo 3D audio technology.”

Said Daniel Sennheiser: “The importance of live streaming is growing continuously: more and more people are experiencing live events at home. With binaural Ambeo 3D recordings such a concert experience is incredibly real,”

Dr. Andreas Sennheiser added: ”With Ambeo, jazz enthusiasts all over the world can enjoy the sound of Mood’s high-calibre concerts as if they were in the club."

Sennheiser held multiple workshops during the AES Berlin Convention earlier this year covering various aspects of its AMBEO 3D immersive audio technology.