Sennheiser launches AMBEO Mobility website, goes head to head with Dolby

Sennheiser is aiming to revolutionise in-car listening with its suite of AMBEO Mobility audio solutions – and now the technology its own dedicated website.

First announced at CES 2020, Sennheiser AMBEO Mobility is the maker’s take on immersive in-car 3D sound.

Going head to head with Dolby’s Atmos in-car offering, AMBEO Mobility makes use of individual sound zones and includes noise management to enable meeting room-quality communication for both the driver and passengers. 

According to the maker, AMBEO Mobility “aims at enveloping the driver and all passengers into a breathtaking, immersive soundscape that will take them to the middle of the live concert experience.”

The game-changing in-car audio system comprises a number of features including AMBEO Concerto, an algorithm that enables any audio format to be played with 3D depth. The system also features AMBEO Calmo, which reduces noise, and AMBEO Sonata which creates around an immersive sound zone around each headrest. 

The technology suite also includes AMBEO Contrabass which boosts bass without the need for a large subwoofer, and AMBEO Solo which is designed to create individual sound zones around each passenger by acoustically separating different seats.