Sennheiser Continental collab brings concert audio in-car

Sennheiser has unveiled an updated in-car iteration of its Ambeo directional audio codec, which promises to bring concert audio in-car. In partnership with Continental, it took the wraps off the new Ambeo Mobility technology and Continental Ac2ated sound system collaboration at a showroom in Berlin, during IFA week.

Unlike an early prototype shown at this year’s CES, the new Sennheiser Continental system now allows for full audio individualisation for each seat. If the driver needs to make a call, while their passenger wants to keep listening to an audio book, that’s not a problem.

A key element in creating these personalized listening zones are the specially designed headrests with integrated high-fidelity transducers. By adding this personal near-field playback source close to the driver’s and passengers’ ears, the listening experience is augmented considerably, says the company.

Ambeo Mobility software analyses and distils the fundamental components of any native stereo music track and plays them back immersively through the appropriate loudspeaker or actuator. The Continental’s Ac2ated sound system means a concert-hall experience can be delivered with minimum hardware, allowing the vehicle to be lighter and offering more flexible design possibilities.

Continental’s Ac2ated Sound system abandons conventional loudspeaker technology, instead exciting selected surfaces in the vehicle interior to produce sound. In comparison to conventional audio systems, Ac2ated Sound enables a reduction of weight and space of up to 90 percent. In this way, the system not only produces highest audio quality but is also perfectly suited for electric vehicles, where saving space and weight is a priority.