Sennheiser hits the road with Two Door Cinema Club

Northern Ireland three-piece Two Door Cinema Club have traversed the globe this year with a comprehensive Sennheiser microphone kit joining them on the road.

FOH engineer Pete Bartlett has long been a fan of Sennheiser mics, having began using them in the late 1970s. “I bought two 421s way back in 1978 and I’ve always loved the 441,” he said. “I used another manufacturer’s mics for years, without thinking there was a serious alternative, until the point came with Bloc Party when I wanted something tighter and more in keeping with their first record. The Sennheisers worked so well that I got hooked and the sound of the microphones has translated really well to Two Door Cinema Club.”

Bartlett’s kit currently includes an e 901 and e 904 on the bass drum, an e 608 beneath the snare, three e 614s on hi-hat and overheads, two e 904s on the toms, four e 606s on the band’s guitars and four e 945s for vocals.

With the band all using in-ear monitors, the mics allow Bartlett to provide them and the audience, the sound they want. “I take a lot of time getting it right at the source, especially drums, but they love what they hear,” he said.

One of the band’s key moments this year was a main stage appearance at the Reading and Leeds festivals. Bartlett commented: “The Reading and Leeds shows were brilliant, we were all very happy. The Sennheiser mics are my ‘constant’ in the festival season, I honestly feel they give me the edge. The 901 is amazing for festivals, when you’re in a rush you can just chuck it in, bring it up flat and go. It’s so important to me that I carry a spare in my luggage in case the gear doesn’t arrive.

“Sennheiser’s artist support is also superb. Phil Cummings and the team are lovely guys and nothing is ever too much trouble.”