Sennheiser launches AMBEO for VR Partnership Programme at IBC

This year’s IBC in Amsterdam saw the official launch of Sennheiser’s AMBEO for VR Partnership Programme, which encompasses collaborations with manufacturers of field recorders, VR live cameras and live streaming software, mixing plug-ins and VR platforms.

The first participants in the programme were also revealed at the launch event and include Zoom, Aaton, Sphericam and Noise Makers.

Zoom is already including the AMBEO A-B conversion software in its F8 field recorder with the F4 featuring the software by the end of the year.

“At Zoom, we always take into high consideration new technology for audio recording,” commented Masa Iijima, Zoom Corporation CEO. “VR audio has just started and we are happy to partner with Sennheiser AMBEO to provide such an innovative VR recording solution to professionals and creators with our F8 and F4 field recorders.”

Motion picture equipment specialist Aaton Digital will also include AMBEO for VR compatibility for its Cantar X3 and CantarMini audio recorders.

“The future of audio is in immersive sound experience, and perhaps this is nowhere more apparent than in the field of VR,” said Véronique Larcher, co-director AMBEO at Sennheiser.

“With the launch of the AMBEO VR Mic last year we have provided an easy-to-use tool for 3D audio productions, while our AMBEO Blueprints website provides ample information on recording and mixing 3D audio. Now our new partnership program helps content creators to design the full VR experience with ease.”

AMIrecently reported that Moods jazz club in Zurich has created a new streaming platform for its concerts called, which will feature around 20 concerts and will be provided in Sennheiser’s Ambeo 3D audio between now and the end of the year.