Sennheiser mics and IEMs on Kylie’s ‘Kiss Me Once’ tour

Kylie Minogue toured all over Europe this autumn, where Sennheiser microphones and in-ear monitor systems played a vital role in Eighth Day Sound’s audio production.

The microphone package featured SKM 5200 series mics with MD 5235 capsules and EM 3732-II receivers, while SR2050 IEM transmitters and EK2000 IEM belt packs provided the monitoring.

“The SKM 5200/MD 5235 combination really suits this show, as Kylie spends a lot of time out in front of the PA system on the B stage,” said Kevin Pruce, Kylie’s FOH engineer. “Other combinations gave me less headroom, while the size and weight of the microphone are also very important.

“We have a great relationship with Sennheiser, in particular Mark Saunders. He is always available for advice and the backup is superb.”

Production manager Kevin Hopgood also has a lot of praise for the manufacturer: “Sennheiser – what can I say? We have a working relationship with Mark and the team going back over 12 years and the support on the 2014 has been, as ever, exemplary," he commented. "Kylie hasn’t picked up another brand of microphone by choice since the first time we tried them – the weight, feel and audio quality are all perfect for her.

“Sennheiser has always delivered assistance with customisation to tie in with the show aesthetics, this year with microphone bodies in scarlet, hot pink and chrome. Kylie is all about quality and attention to detail, so Sennheiser equipment is the ideal complement.”

The next leg of Kylie’s ‘Kiss Me Once’ tour gets underway in her homeland of Australia next March.

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