Sennheiser releases 3D audio film

Sennheiser has created a 3D sound experience in its short film Final Stop to demonstrate what its Ambeo Smart Headset can do.

The film was written and directed Roxanne Benjamin.

“Since we structured the short around the use of 3D audio, I kept the camera largely behind Phoebe, so that audiences really felt that fear of being followed. This was the element that struck me the most about the Ambeo Smart Headset when I was first testing it out – just how effective it could be in enhancing a narrative horror setting. The 3D element really brings you a whole lot closer to the action and feeling like you’re right there with Phoebe as she’s experiencing this fear. It’d be fascinating to see it being used for a full thriller or horror feature," said Benjamin. 

Uwe Cremering, director AMBEO Immersive Audio at Sennheiser, added: “We wanted to let viewers experience the remarkable emotional quality 3D audio can lend to any film and with FINAL STOP, Roxanne tapped the full potential of the AMBEO SMART HEADSET in providing a frighteningly lifelike audio experience.”

Watch the film here: (Please note that headphones are essential!)