Sennheiser Solutions’ HDM Pro technology now available

Sennheiser Solutions has announced the availability of HDM Pro technology – the result of its recent collaboration with LimitEar.

HDM (Hearing Dose Management) Pro from LimitEar helps broadcast professionals protect themselves against noise induced hearing loss (NIHL), and is designed to improve reproduced sound quality. The technology has now been introduced to the Sennheiser HD25 headphone range.

Sennheiser is the first company to market the "ground-breaking" device, which allows sound levels to be adjusted dynamically to reduce the impact of NIHL.

According to LimitEar, the technology goes beyond the functionality of other limiters currently available, which simply cap sound levels. HDM Pro changes the user’s sound levels throughout the day, ensuring their exposure to reproduced sound stays within legally defined limits. The new HDM Pro-enabled Sennheiser headphones help provide duty of care to users while minimising the operational challenges of working within variable ambient noise environments.

Broadcasters are at higher risk of NIHL, due to their prolonged use of headsets, headphones and earpieces, often in variable levels of ambient noise. EU regulations state that people should not be exposed to average noise levels of 85dBA over an eight-hour period.

“We continually look to improve our products so we jumped at the chance of integrating LimitEar HDM Pro technology into our headphones," said Tim Sherratt, engineering and technical services manager at Sennheiser UK. "Other sound management solutions are crude and only limit the sound volume, which can cause operational difficulties when ambient sound is variable. LimitEar’s solution is smart; it monitors sound levels during the day and adjusts volume dynamically whilst staying within legally defined limits.”

LimitEar MD Stephen Wheatley added: “Professionals in the broadcast and live events industry are often restricted by limiters on their headphones which is far from ideal. Together with Sennheiser Solutions, we’re offering the best hearing experience that’s still within regulation, minimising the impact of noise induced hearing loss.”

The technology will be showcased at BVE 2014 this week (stand G60).

Sennheiser Solutions is an initiative created by the German manufacturer to standardise the approach local subsidiaries and partners take in producing custom solutions that compliment the firm’s existing product range.

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