Sennheiser to enhance radio signals at greater distances

Sennheiser has introduced two new products, both designed to enable remote receiving aerials for radio microphone to be placed at much greater distances than previously possible.

Aimed at bringing significant benefits to applications such as sporting broadcasts, they are designed to make the life of OB companies much easier.

The FO-TX2-EC Fire Optical Transmitter and FO-RX2-EC Fibre Optical Receiver are compact units that allow radio mic receiving aerials to be placed at up to 25km from their associated receivers. Allowing the antennas to be placed at greater distances from the receivers, they are ideally suited for coverage of events, which are spread over large sites, such golf courses, tennis clubs, horse and motor racing circuits.

Built into a weatherproof 1200 Peli Case, the FC-TX2-EC transmitter is designed to convert the UHF radio signals from two receiving antenna feeds and transmit them down two cores of single mode optical fibre. Powered locally by 240V AC, 12V DC or a Vlock battery housed inside the case, the unit measures 260 x 246 x 124mm, with a 3/8” Whitworth thread adapter provided to allow for mounting solutions.

The FO-RX2-EC receiver converts the signal from the FO-TX2-EC transmitter back to two RF outputs. Powered by the supplied adapter, the half-rack unit is designed to be mounted alongside a Sennheiser ASA-1 Active RF Distribution unit for Additional distribution of wireless signals.

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