Sensible Music invests in studio refurbishment with installation of SSL console and new vocal booth

Sensible Music has refurbished its recording studio, having fine-tuned the room’s acoustics, upgraded the equipment and installed a new vocal booth.

Sensible Music has been in the recording and rehearsal facilities business for over 35 years.

Its clients include major record labels, management companies, filmmakers and advertising agencies.

“We wanted to inject new life into the studio and have a more accessible creative environment that caters to modern workflows,” said Jack Freegard, manager at Sensible Music.

Chris Walls from Level Acoustic Design was challenged to retain the original acoustics of the studio from when it was first designed. Studio Creations undertook the build and technical install.

“We wanted to preserve and regain the original acoustics that had been lost over the years,” added Freegard. “We knew it was going to be a challenge but both Chris Walls and Justin Spier understood what we were after. The control room now has a more focused sound and the bottom end is much tighter.”

For the technical specification, main monitoring comes in the form of a pair of PMC BB5XBD monitors, while vintage Neve and API preamps were chosen to complete the technical design. The studio is also equipped with an SSL AWS 948 Delta console.

“The new layout offers improved ergonomics and communication between engineers and artists and our new console brings a fresh approach to sessions” Freegard added. “In addition to the existing control room and live booth, we have converted our old tape machine room into an extra booth which can be used for reamping, or as a satellite production suite or vocal booth adding greater versatility to our facility.”