Shadow Hills announces Oculus

Shadow Hills has introduced Oculus, which KMR Audio claims is a no expense spared monitor console.

Oculus features five selectable fully balanced input sources and three stereo speaker outputs each with its own trim control. Unbalanced sources can be used on Source A and are routed through a Class-A active buffer. A dedicated subwoofer output is included and features level trim control for each speaker selection.

Oculus comes in two versions with a wired or wireless Pendant remote control with a large volume knob controlling three fully discrete passive volume attenuators for left, right, and sub out. The passive topology delivers a sound with none of the distortion often added by active components.

Left/Right/Sub mute, Mono Sum, two large VU Meter and two Class-A audiophile headphone amps, and a complete large format console type talkback are also included. Cue Feed monitoring with auto cue lets you switch between external cue feed and current input source.

Oculus is exclusively available to order in the UK from KMR Audio for £2,200 ex VAT (£2,640 Inc. VAT) and £2,800 ex VAT (£3,360 Inc. VAT) for the Oculus Wireless.