Shakira and Ukraine president open Kiev?s Olympic sports complex with Harman system

Over 60,000 attendees celebrated the grand opening of Kiev’s Olympic national sports complex, with a performance from Shakira and an inauguration speech from Ukraine president Viktor Yanukovych.

The complex, also known as the Olympic Stadium, will be the site of the Euro 2012 soccer championship final, as well as 2012 UEFA European Football Championship events leading up to the final.

Sound reinforcement for the event included Harman’s JBL Vertec line array system powered by Crown amplifiers along with Soundcraft Vi4 digital live sound consoles. The equipment, supplied by Kiev-based rental sound provider Komora, was used in coordination with other equipment brought in by Fotis Sound from Poland, and a FOH console and stage monitor system from Clair Global, Shakira’s worldwide tour sound provider.

“Our team regularly supplies a Crown-powered JBL Vertec line array system for large-scale concerts and special events like these, where the promoter needs additional sound reinforcement resources,” said Mykola Ostapchuk, head of Komora’s rental sound department and engineering lead for the five-person technical team that helped support the event.

“JBL Vertec line arrays are ideally suited for this type of application where sound needs to be precisely directed, yet cover a large area,” noted Ostapchuk. “We used 24 VT4889 full-size line array elements set up in four ground-stacked outfill locations to cover the side seating areas of the stadium, and 16 VT4888 midsize line array elements stacked in four arrays to provide clear, powerful sound for the VIP seating areas,” he added. The VT4889 line arrays were powered by Crown I-Tech Series I-T8000, I-T6000 and I-T4000 amplifiers.

"Remarkable operational convenience and reliability of Soundcraft Vi digital consoles greatly facilitated our work in preparing and holding this event. The ability to use fiber optic connection for data transmission over long distances make these consoles simply indispensable for events of this scale. The distance we had between the stage and FOH position was more than 450 meters around the perimeter of the stadium, " commented Ostapchuk.

“Events like these require a tremendous amount of pre-planning and coordination during the show, especially when so many different people, companies and artists are involved! We were confident the Vertec line arrays would do the job. They are ideal for large-scale, open-stadium events like these because of their high intelligibility, focused coverage pattern and ability to be deployed in a variety of configurations to suit the specific requirements of the venue,” Ostapchuk concluded.