Shanghai studio gets upgrade with SSL, Pro Tools, and Van Damme

China’s largest music industry media group, The Shanghai Synergy Culture & Entertainment Group, has upgraded its music recording studio with a new console, outboard, pro tools, and Van Damme cables.

The studio recently benefitted from a new SSL Duality console, a Pro Tools upgrade, and outboard equipment installed by Langdale Technical Consulting. For the first time in China, Blue Series Van Damme cables from VDC Trading were used exclusively.

The decision to use Van Damme cable was a popular one with the Chinese technical staff given its historical use in Abbey Road Studios.

Langdale Technical’s Bill Ward explained: “When I was asked to carry out the installation I explained that one thing I don’t compromise on is the cabling. If you install a duff piece of outboard it’s easy to plug in another. If the cable is not first class it can mean ripping half the studio out to replace it. For that reason I always choose Van Damme cable.”

The difficulty with obtaining missing parts and bits of cable at the last minute meant that the cabling had to be calculated and part assembled so as to arrive in Shanghai as a complete kit. Bill commented “Having something missing didn’t bear thinking about but thankfully our calculations were spot on and nothing was missing.”

The studio was officially completed at the end of April and has already been busy recording classical orchestrations.