Shidco scoops FBT Award

Shidco, FBT’s distributor in Iran, recently received the FBT Award for Outstanding Business Achievement at the opening of the company’s new Tehran showroom.

FBT’s export manager Roberto Mataloni presented the award to Shidco owner Mr. Moghadas Darab, during a recent trip to Iran.

“Shidco has been exclusively dealing with FBT for almost 10 years and our business relations are truly close and collaborative. I have been very impressed while visiting many installation sites they have done with our products, from cultural centres to amphitheatres, to mosques, to sport centres, to municipalities and army theatres. With a wide retail and installation network Shidco covers all the Iranian cities from large to small, and FBT is surely a key player in the region," commented Mataloni.

"With FBT we have found a very important partner, not only a supplier, with whom we are developing a very good business, by providing high quality sound products to our customers, either retail shops or installation companies. FBT products perform very well in lots of installations done and our customers are very satisfied. The sanctions our country is facing and the devaluation of our currency towards Euro and US Dollar are not helping us to grow our business as much as we wish. In spite of these, we can surely affirm that FBT has a top position in the market as brand and products on which our customers rely on" confirmed Darab.

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