Shure donates microphones to local music venue following robbery

Shure has helped Halifax music venue, The Lantern, stay on the live music scene after a devastating incident last year.

The Lantern is an independent live music venue and bar in Halifax, West Yorkshire, which opened its doors in November 2017. It is a venue that prides itself on its fun loving, all inclusive attitude and putting on shows that champion live music and those working hard to keep it alive.

In April 2018, The Lantern suffered the unfortunate effects of a break in which saw them lose contents, cash and caused insurmountable damage to the building.

Shure donated a total of nine microphones including 3 x B56, 2 x B98D/C, 1 x SM91, 1 x B52, 1 x B57 and 1 x B58a.

“20 of our microphones were stolen during the break in,” said booker and venue manager Ben Adey. “These are extremely valuable and of course, essential in being able to operate as a music venue. Shure were gracious enough to donate some microphones to help us out, and for that we’re very grateful as our insurance company failed to pay out.

“The Lantern is a 150 capacity and whilst only in our infancy, we’re proud to have already promoted some great shows. Long may it continue. Thank you, Shure.”

Supporting the grass roots live music scene is of utmost importance for Shure, as Marc Henshall, senior marketing specialist, Pro Audio commented: “The UK has a rich musical history that is celebrated across the globe. For this tradition to continue, we must support our grassroots live music scene. Many live music venues have closed over the last 10 to 15 years, leaving a disconnect between music fans and the great talent we have in this country.

“Live music undoubtedly plays a huge part in fostering the next generation of artists, and for this to continue, we need venues like The Lantern to succeed. Local venues also contribute greatly to local economies and culture, and for a venue like this to close, purely due to mindless robbery, would result in the unnecessary loss of a critical community asset. We are pleased to support The Lantern in returning to what they do best, putting on great shows and championing live music.”