Shure introduces subminiature DuraPlex microphone

Shure has unveiled its new subminiature (5mm) DuraPlex omnidirectional lavaliere and headset microphone.

Designed to withstand the toughest conditions, DuraPlex comes with Shure’s first IP57 certification rating, protecting against dirt, dust, water, and perspiration damage or interference. It has been engineered for use in a variety of applications, including film and television, theatre, broadcast, and corporate presentations.

DuraPlex consists of the DL4 Omnidirectional Waterproof Lavalier Microphone and the DH5 Omnidirectional Waterproof Headset Microphone. Complementing Shure’s portfolio of mid and high-tier wireless systems, the IP57 rating and cable durability of DuraPlex aim to offer the market ‘an entirely new tier of audio performance and ruggedness’. 

“In developing DuraPlex, we wanted to provide a simple, consistent, reliable solution, ready to tackle any environment,” commented John Born, senior global product manager at Shure. “The neutral response, easy-to-use accessories and design, combined with best-in-class cable durability and waterproof element, quickly make DuraPlex an outstanding leader at this price tier.”

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DuraPlex’s 1.6 mm cable is the same that is found in TwinPlex. To simulate years of intense use, the ultra-thin cable was flexed, stretched, and pulled to the extreme in internal tests. The cable is built to be ‘immune’ to kinks and memory effects, resulting in optimised flex performance due to a spiral construction with redundant shielding. 

DuraPlex DH5 Headsets come in three colours (Tan, Cocoa, Black). Pricing starts at £315. DL4 Lavaliers are available in four colors (Black, Tan, Cocoa, White) and are available starting at £230. Both products are now globally available.