Sixty Seconds with… Roland Stenz, CEO, EVE Audio

Where are you right now?
In the factory. No home office anymore. Actually we have not done much home office work anyway and all our staff including myself appreciated to come to the factory. And people are interested in making music, so we see a growth in our industry and are busy.

What is the last album you listened to?
Several albums … Rammstein, some older stuff from Art of Noise, and classical music.

Describe 2022 so far in one sentence.
It’s been definitely a good year so far but the future can be challenging and I hope the world will become more stable.

Has the pandemic permanently changed the way you work?
Not really – here in the company we can work and keep distance because we have lot of space. What has changed are trade shows and business trips. Our last trade show was ISE 2020 and going on business trips decreased to zero as many conversations have been switched to video conferences now.

What’s the biggest change to pro audio industry this year?
I don’t see so much change except that all hardware manufacturers face the same problems which are supply issues, availability and massive price increases.

What live event do you most want to go to in 2022?
We had some tickets for the Rammstein tour but could not go there. We’ll see what’s next!

Tell us something you’ve never told anyone else?
Haha – good question. You can get wonderful pale ale in Poland – especially in Wroclaw.