SMPTE and Hollywood Post Alliance to Merge

The Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE) and the Hollywood Post Alliance (HPA) have announced plans for a new partnership that is expected to culminate in the merger of the two organisations by May 2015.

“HPA is known not only for its unique brand identity, but also for facilitating open dialog among all disciplines in the entertainment industry,” said Wendy Aylsworth, president of SMPTE. “Complementing SMPTE’s work in standards and education, these qualities will enrich the experience of SMPTE members worldwide, giving them the opportunity to engage in more frequent dialogue with nontechnical and supporting industry professionals. For these and many other reasons, we look forward to extending the HPA brand to a broader global audience.”

The partnership is starting with SMPTE providing administrative support to HPA but gives both organisations the opportunity to extend their reach and expand their membership while better serving the whole motion picture industry.

“With this partnership, HPA and SMPTE strengthen our collaborative work in addressing how our communities plan for the future of technology and the creative process,” said Leon Silverman, HPA board president. “For HPA, a closer relationship with SMPTE is also valuable in that it will enable our organisation to extend the reach of our content and our work to a global audience beyond Hollywood.”