Solid State Logic console chosen for Blade Studios

Drummer and co-owner of Blade Studios, Brady Blade, has chosen a 48-channel Solid State Logic Duality SE as the centrepiece for Studio A in Louisiana.

“My partners, Brady Blade and executive producer and CEO Scott Crompton, felt that the time was right for a facility of this stature in Louisiana,” said Grammy Award-nominated Chris Bell, chief engineer and partner, Blade Studios. “To accomplish our goals, there was really no other console on the market that could match Duality. Based on my experience working on 9000 J and K series consoles over the years, I knew I could implicitly trust that Duality was going to be right for Studio A. We worked with the Russ Berger Design Group to build a great sounding room, so it was important for us to have the best quality electronics to match. Duality really sounds amazing.”

The recording room of Studio A can hold up to 30 musicians, catering for wide-ranging acts, from small orchestras and acoustic work, to gaming and commercial projects.

“One of the reasons I love Duality is because I do all my sounds up front and commit to them while the musicians are still in the studio,” Bell continued. “With Duality I know that the sound quality is guaranteed right from the start, so when I go to mix, I just do fine tweaks. We have been seeing that our clients are returning to the concept of great sound quality over recording in the box, so we have a collection of outboard mic pres as sonic paintbrushes for colour and we are also tracking to two-inch tape through a CLASP system to Pro Tools. Duality brings all the outboard gear, the 24-track deck and the DAW together for a streamlined workflow.”