Sonab Audio presents easy-fit System 9

Sonab, the wholly owned subsidiary of Audio Pro AB (the wireless speaker experts from Sweden) has introduced its System 9 retail environment wireless audio system. 

The ‘snap and play’ system allows for easy fitting as the CLS powered speakers clip into an existing 240V spotlight track for power and then receive CD quality audio signals wirelessly from the CTX wireless transmitter, which can be connected to any sound source, including PC, Mac, Smart Phone or Tablet.

The System 9 system is designed to help minimise installation costs and time, with a whole-store fit taking just hours as opposed to days for a conventional audio system. By simply clicking a Speaker into the track, wirelessly supplied audio can be activated and installation time per unit is reduced. Changing the position of a speaker can be achieved easily by unclipping the speaker and clipping it in to another location.

System 9 speakers deliver HiFi sound quality, powered with inbuilt amplifiers, which together with a digital signal processor (DSP) and digital distribution filters produce superior performance compared with regular speakers.

The System 9 Loudspeakers are more energy efficient than traditional amplifier/speaker combinations. Even when playing at high SPL (Sound Pressure Levels), the speakers only need a few watts, while the CTX transmitter runs on a few microwatts. When not in use, the System 9 speakers automatically switch off into energy-saving standby-mode.

The system features:

•Use of existing lighting tracks for power giving flexibility and versatility

•Minimum installation cost and ease of use

•Premium wireless sound quality with no audible sound delays

•The Spotlight design will blend into the background for low visibility

•Robust solid construction, which can be used with and without a balanced cable

•Create different levels and zones with the same system

•System 9 range of eight products are all available in white or black

•Failsafe with both wireless and wired setup options

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