Sonarworks launches eBook series for recording professionals

Sound calibration expert Sonarworks has released a series of eBooks that aims to address some of the most pressing topics music creators face related to recording, mixing and mastering.

The first eBook, entitled “Successful Studio Set Up”, discusses key considerations in setting up a home studio, with the overall goal of creating a creative, comfortable and sonically accurate studio space. Topics such as room dimensions, acoustic treatment products, monitor choice and placement are discussed in detail, with illustrative images and helpful references to specific tools and products. The importance of sonic accuracy at the listening position is explained, since the ultimate goal in monitoring is to predict how music will translate to the outside world when played on consumer headphones and loudspeakers.

The second eBook, released earlier this month and entitled “Creation and Translation”, focuses on how music creators can articulate their sonic vision more accurately by working in a trustworthy physical space. To create such a space, the user must create optimal listening conditions — so they can be confident that the artists’ creations will translate accurately into the outside world.

Terms like loudness, volume and frequency response are explained in the context of audio playback and monitoring. Also, the concepts of loudspeaker and headphone calibration are introduced as a means to achieving more consistent outcomes during both the mixing and mastering phases.

These first two eBooks include significant contributions from Adam Kagan and Barry Rudolph, while many other experts will be contributing to future eBooks.

“We created this eBook series in response to the questions and feedback we routinely receive from our customers,” said Katrina Allikas, marketing manager at Sonarworks. “While there are already many learning resources available on these topics, the technology landscape is changing so fast that many of these resources are no longer as relevant. This eBook series covers the latest innovative technologies while highlighting the key foundational concepts that anyone working in the studio needs to understand.”

All of Sonarworks’ eBooks are available for free to download at the eBooks section of the Sonarworks website.