Songs To Your Eyes picks ADAM Audio S3H for new monitoring system

Hollywood-based songwriting and production company Songs To Your Eyes is using ADAM Audio’s S3H mid-field monitors in its new production suite.

Songs To Your Eyes operates a wide production portfolio for music across all genres, soundtracks for A-list marketing campaigns including household brands and blockbuster movies, and top-tier licensing activities.

When a new, purpose-built production studio was added to the company’s facilities in October 2017, the main objective for chief creative Opher Yisraeli (pictured) was to create “a flat and accurate listening environment where I could hear the most minute details in a mix. Being able to hear transients, reverb as well as all other aspects of a mix is crucial for my day to day operation.

“The perfect studio monitor doesn’t mask imperfections in the music,” Yisraeli added. “I want to be able to hear the good and the bad so that I can send accurate feedback to the musicians that we work with. Having separate amps for lows, mids and highs that send ample power to the speakers with good crossover between them was very important for me when considering my next monitors. The ADAM S3H deliver all of the above in a big way.”

He continued: “I’d been researching various 3-way speakers for months, and tested a number of models. What I found was that the Adams performed equal to or better than monitors that cost almost twice as much.”

Songs To Your Eyes represents over 750 composers, indie bands, DJs and sound designers, as well as creating TV ad scores for Wonder Woman, X-Men, Power Rangers, Fantastic 4, Heineken Light, Snapchat, Claritin, NCIS, Californication and Assassin’s Creed. The company also lists non-profits, schools and government institutions among its list of clients.