Sonic Distribution reveals SoundStudio interfaces

Sonic Distribution has announced the release and shipping of SoundStudio, a line of high-end audio interfaces for live sound.

SoundStudio has been developed as a new brand of I/Os that licenses and leverages infrastructure from SoundGrid, and aims to directly meets the audio industry’s demand for high performance audio interfaces that can connect and network with modern systems and live up to the unique requirements of contemporary live sound environments.

The audio-over-ethernet SoundGrid audio interfaces are rugged, road-proof stage boxes, equipped with digitally controlled microphone preamps and ADA converters. SoundStudio interfaces connect to SoundGrid networks using ethernet cables and stream audio via the SoundGrid protocol.

A first glance at the boxes will be available at the AES 2016 convention, where there will be 8X8, 16X8, and 24X12 SoundStudio units on display.

Sonic MD James Young commented: “We have been making fundamental changes to the direction of Sonic Distribution over the last year in order to establish a much more efficient setup, with much deeper focus on key partner brands and international distribution. We’re really pleased and excited to announce the SoundStudio brand, and look forward to forging new international distribution channels for these superb products.”