Sonic Farm ships new products

The new Creamliner (pictured) and Silkworm products from Sonic Farm Audio are shipping this month.

Creamliner is a stereo line signal conditioner, aimed at improving the sound of digital stereo busses and digital PA boards by running the signal through a pentode and, if selected, also the output transformer.

The result is a warmer and somewhat ‘glued’ stereo image, with a noticeable improvement on the smoothness of high end, something that is typically an issue with digital boards.

In addition to live shows, it is also aimed for use in mastering facilities.

Silkworm is a feature-rich series 500 solid-state microphone and instrument preamp. It uses a fully discrete, extremely low distortion servo controlled gain stage and a transformer on both input and output.

Full DC signal path ensures a phase shift free operation. Additionally, the output can be switched to a solid-state balanced line driver, bypassing the transformer, for a clean, open sound. A three-position ‘vibe’ switch enhances the tonal palette and helps tailor the sound to suit a particular application.