Sontronics rolls out two-for-one microphone promotion

Sontronics has teamed up with a number of UK dealers to offer two studio-quality condenser microphones for the price of one until the end of September 2013.

Any UK customer purchasing a Sontronics STC-3X PACK, which includes the three-pattern, large-diaphragm STC-3X microphone plus accessories, from a participating store now also gets a free Sontronics STC-10 pencil condenser microphone worth £95.

For £239, end users get a complete recording package – ideal for singer-songwriters, home set-ups, pro studios or voiceover artists – consisting of the following:

• Sontronics STC-3X three-pattern (omni, cardioid, figure-of-eight) mic with three-stage filter and three-stage pad controls, available in Silver or Black. Suitable for recording vocals, spoken word, acoustic guitar, piano, drums, podcasting, overheads and more

• Free recording accessories as part of the STC-3X PACK – spider-style shockmount, double-layer nylon-mesh popshield, five-metre XLR cable and zip-up microphone pouch

• Free STC-10 mic with two-stage filter and two-stage pad controls, mic mount and foam windshield. Ideal for direct-miking acoustic guitar, solo woodwind/strings, drums, percussion, video and film work

• Free downloads of the award-winning Toontrack EZMix 2 Lite and Ezdrummer Lite software

• Free Lifetime Warranty for both the STC-3X and STC-10

“Both the STC-3X PACK and the STC-10 are brilliantly versatile mics, and our users constantly tell us how they give results that compare with those of mics that cost many times more, and now you can get both for the price of the STC-3X PACK," said Sontronics founder and designer Trevor Coley. "Our Sontronics brand wouldn’t be here without the people who buy, use and love our mics, so this is our chance to give something back to all of you… for free.”

More information on the giveaway and the dealers taking part can be found here.

Participating stockists so far include Absolute Music, GuitarGuitar, Rubadub, Production Room and Westend Production.

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