Sony brings the PCMD-100 to Europe

First launched back at AES in New York, Sony has announced that its newest PCM recorder will be making its way to Europe early next year.

The flagship of Sony’s portable digital recorder range, the PCM-D100 is compatible with 2.8 MHz /1-bit direct stream digital DSD, a format that records source sounds using digital signals, but in a format that closely resembles analogue waveforms. It is also compatible with recording and playback in 192 kHz/24-bit linear PCM High Resolution Audio.

“This new model is Sony’s highest-quality portable digital recorder, designed to faithfully reproduce sound sources such as instrument performances and sounds of nature, as closely to the original as possible,” says James Leach, Marketing Manager, Professional Audio, Sony Europe.

“The PCM-D100 recorder is part of our High-Resolution Audio initiative, a complete series of products designed to help music lovers conveniently access and enjoy the digital music they love in the best playback quality available.”

The recorder features a highly-sensitive directional microphone that incorporates a newly-developed 15 mm unidirectional mic unit. This enables the user to adjust the sound collection range of the mic to suit various sound, from performances with a small number of people, through to concert halls with a much larger group of performers.

In comparison to conventional 24-bit DA converters, the PCM-D100 has adopted a higher-class 32-bit converter to achieve accurate playback of the sound. The headphone amp incorporates a high-capacity, ultra-low impedance 0.33F (330000μF) electric double-layer capacitor (EDLC), equivalent to 750 times the capacitance of conventional capacitors.

For all of the specs and more info, visit the Sony site here.