Sony Pictures installs Harrison MPC5/Xrange

Sony Pictures Studios has installed a new Harrison MPC5/Xrange system with MC² – 64 wide monitoring and Object++ 3D panning software to support wide-format and object-based immersive sound formats such as Dolby Atmos and Auro3D.

Paul Massey, sound director and re-recording mixer at Sony Pictures commented: "Instead of using a different workflow involving a mix of Atmos, Auro3D, and ProTools panning plugins, we prefer a single workflow that generates multiple mix formats using a consistent framework. The console software will handle the details, so we can focus on the artistic effects we are trying to achieve. This is going to allow us to work more efficiently while maintaining the consistency of creative decisions made in the original mix throughout all formats."

Harrison president Gary Thielman noted: "This is another step in the long and successful collaboration between Harrison and Sony. A big part of our success has been our collaboration with customers like Sony Pictures and high level mixers like Paul Massey, who come to us with specific problems that spur us to come up with technical solutions that streamline their workflow. Together we have the ability to come up with those artistic and technical solutions, and then carry them through to implementation."