Sound City: ‘Fleetwood Mac, Rumer and Nirvana have all been here’

Olivier Chastan, the new operator of LA’s famed Sound City Studios, was keen to emphasise just how rich the history of the building is during an interview with AMI for the October edition of the magazine.

“Fleetwood Mac, Rumer and Nirvana have all been here and while they’re all very different, it all works here at Sound City," he said.

“The place is absolutely stunning with 40-foot high ceilings – and is probably the best sounding room on the West coast of the US.

“The standard was already so high so I just wanted to maintain the place and give some of the special equipment I’d acquired a special home. For me to put it in some non-descript room made absolutely no sense.”

Sound City boasts what is believed to be one of 11 surviving Helios Type 69 consoles – the same model that was used in a number of prominent studios including Island, the Manor, The Rolling Stones Mobile Studio and Strawberry Studios.

“That’s the history I care about," added Chastan – that everything that comes through Sound City over the years sounds good."

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