Sound design duo Brains & Hunch install Genelec’s The Ones in post facility

Brains and Hunch are renowned composing and sound design duo Tom Haines and Chris Branch. Their post-production facility is situated in the heart of London’s Hoxton district.

Earlier this year, they invested in two sets of Genelec 8351 SAM monitors, provided by HHB Communications.  A set were delivered by Scrub (HHB Communication’s post division) and initially installed in a spare studio space with little to no acoustic treatment. Previously, the untreated room experienced booming low frequencies whenever monitors were introduced.

However, once the 8351s were installed, the built-in SAM technology and GLM software automatically measured and calibrated the monitors to deliver a perfect sonic performance.Tom Haines said: ”We are converts over here. It’s a real game-changer”. The Ones are now housed in a purpose-built room by Chris Walls of Level Acoustic Design, where they were quickly recalibrated to perform beautifully in the new space. The 8351s made such an impact that Tom and Chris purchased a second pair for an additional studio space. Andy Bensley, UK brand manager for Genelec’s UK distributor, Source Distribution added: ”We are so excited and pleased to see just how many environments and studio scenarios The Ones instantly adapt to. Genelec have made many acoustic issues redundant.”