Sound Devices 664

Sound Devices has announced the 664 Production Mixer and the companion CL-6 Expander.

The 664 builds upon the features of the 552, adding expanded I/O connectivity and recording capabilities, along with greater flexibility and ease-of-use. Its six input channels have dedicated controls for trim, fader, pan, and PFL; also, the inputs and four output busses are all recordable, for a total of 10 tracks of recording.

For digital connections, inputs one and six can be selected as AES3 or AES42 inputs. The 664 can record 16- or 24-bit broadcast WAV files to SD and/or CompactFlash cards (dual card slots).

With the CL-6 attached, the direct output connectors are available as recordable inputs, controlled by the CL-6 faders. With the 664 Production Mixer connected to the CL-6 Expander, users can now record up to 12 input channels and four outputs, for a total of 16 tracks.
The unit’s six ultra-low noise, high-dynamic range, transformerless pre-amps accept mic- or line-level signals and include analogue peak limiters, high-pass filters, input trim control, and direct outputs.

The CL-6 Expander is specifically designed to add six analogue line-level inputs to the 664 Production Mixer.