Sound Devices adds automatic mixing for 633 recorder

Sound Devices has announced that its 633 mixer/recorder now offers two high-performing automatic mixing options: Dugan automixing and Sound Devices MixAssist.

The two automixing algorithms are available at no additional cost to 633 owners with the release of Firmware Version 4.50. With this update, the 688 mixer/recorder with its SL-6 powering and wireless system accessory now supports SuperSlot integration with Sennheiser EK-6042 wireless, two-channel slot-in receivers.

Sound Devices added Dugan’s automatic mic mixing to its 688 mixer/recorder in 2016, making it the first field mixer to incorporate the technology. The inclusion of the Dugan Speech System and MixAssist makes it ideally suited for more portable production applications, while the new feature provides automixing for up to six audio channels.

In challenging field applications which often require the use of wireless lavalier mics, auto mixers improve intelligibility, reduce noise and reverberation, and maintain consistent overall gain as microphones are turned on and off.

“Adding both automixing options brings an already-impressive product to another level,” said Matt Anderson, Sound Devices CEO. “We encourage users to experiment with both to hear the subtle differences between the two algorithms and to help them produce the best audio possible.”