Sound Network showing new Sony and DPA products at ABTT

Sound Network will be at the ABTT Theatre Show later this month (Stand E32) displaying a broad range of mic models from DPA, as well as introducing visitors to new products from Sony, the latest addition to its brand roster.

The company will be showing all of the latest DPA microphones and explaining how they are best used in the theatre and live performance arena: for example d:screet Miniature Mics and d:fine Headset Mics for bodyworn applications, and d:dicate Recording and d:vote Live Mics for instrument miking.

Building on DPA Microphones’ long-standing close relationship with the theatre Industry (mainly due to its d:screet range, Sound Network also hopes to bring Sony’s new DWX-N digital wireless systems to the fore.

DPA’s d:screet Miniature, d:fine Headset and d:vote Instrument mics are all compatible with Sony’s wireless transmitters using a simple adapter. The Sony DWX-N digital wireless transmitters feature ultra-low latency and smart control software that allow for easy, sequential allocation of multiple channels over a narrower bandwidth. Sony DWX is also one of the only wireless systems to employ TRUE diversity digital receivers and prevent audio dropouts.

ABTT visitors will also be able to get hands-on with Sony’s UWP-D digital-over-analogue modulation wireless systems as well as its range of professional headphones, portable recorders and microphones.

Sound Network is confident the combination of DPA’s condenser mic technology and Sony’s wireless technology will go a long way in providing top quality sound for theatres and touring companies across the industry.

This year’s ABTT Theatre Show is being held at Alexandra Palace, featuring almost 120 exhibitors. Both Adam Pierce and Sam Simon-Norris from Sound Network will be available for demos and meetings for the duration of the event.

Picture: The new URX-S03D two-channel slot-in receiver and UTX-B03HR bodypack transmitter from Sony – part of the UWP-D range.