Soundcraft introduces ViSi Remote 2.0

Harman’s Soundcraft is announcing Version 2.0 of its ViSi Remote iPad app, which allows remote control of Soundcraft Vi, Si Compact, Si Performer, and Si Expression mixing consoles wirelessly from an iPad device. ViSi Remote 2.0 requires no additional hardware other than a wireless access router connected to the Harman HiQnet Ethernet port of the console. With ViSi Remote 2.0, engineers are free to roam the venue and adjust mixes and other audio parameters directly from an iPad.

With 2.0 comes the ability for Si Compact, Performer, and Expression users to adjust channel strip settings per channel including settings such as Gate, Compressor, and EQ along with Pan, LR/Mono routing, and phase invert switches. This functionality will be added to Vi consoles in a future update.