Soundcraft launches Version 2.0 of ViSi Remote app

Soundcraft has announced Version 2.0 of its ViSi Remote iPad app.

The tool enables the engineer to remotely control a Soundcraft Vi, Si Compact, Si Performer or Si Expression system wirelessly via iPad.

ViSi Remote 2.0 requires no additional hardware other than a wireless access router connected to the Harman HiQnet Ethernet port on the console. Engineers are then free to move around the venue and tweak parameters using just their tablet.

Version 2.0 allows Si Compact, Performer and Expression users to alter channel strip settings on each channel, including settings such as Gate, Compressor and EQ, along with Pan, LR/Mono routing and phase invert switches. This functionality will be added to the manufacturer’s Vi consoles in the future.

With Soundcraft’s ViSi Remote 2.0 engineers can optimise the FOH mix from anywhere in the venue; adjust monitor levels while standing next to the musician; change channel strip settings remote from the console; increase the fader count of an existing control surface; access standalone mode for familiarisation with console functions; control a network of consoles (e.g. FOH and Monitor); provide a separate surface for DMX functionality (Si Performer only) and allow several users on the same console to control their own mixes.

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