Soundcraft to enhance fringe and arts productions

Helsinki-based sound designer Kristian Ekholm, a specialist in sound design for performing arts and fringe theatre, has invested in a Soundcraft Si Compact 16 console from territory distributor Studiotec.

Ekholm has recently shifted focus to a more spatial dimension; an area, which he believes will be significantly enhanced by the Si Compact 16’s built-in Lexicon FX. “My main interests in sound design at the conceptual level is in the interaction between the performance, the venue, the sonic environment and drama of the event,” said Ekholm, who has toured extensively in Europe with productions such as Anatomia Lear, the soundscape which won him a ‘Best Sound Design’ award (and the Ääni-Säde Prize) in 2010.

“My decision to purchase an Si Compact 16 was purely practical,” he continued. “It’s a small console packed with power, and is something I can carry with me as a reliable, all-around workhorse wherever I go.

“The console will make my work a little easier—and better. When working on the fringe of performance art, budget restrictions can often affect the quality of the gear—and I know the Si Compact 16 will give me a solid base for FOH control.”

Furthermore, there were a few specific features that immediately stood out to Eckholm, most notably the 16 on-board physical outputs and the bus and matrix systems.

“My Si Compact 16 has so far been used in outdoor venues, galleries and regular studio stages, and has been doing a wonderful job,” he said. “But sometime in the future I’d like to envisage stepping up to the Soundcraft Vi series.”

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