Soundtrack to new Morrissey film mixed by Red TX

Broadcast audio specialist Red TX played a key role in the production of Morrissey 25: Live from Hollywood High, which was recorded in LA earlier this year.

Filmed live at the Hollywood High School in Los Angeles in March 2013, the intimate gig provided the material for the first authorised Morrissey film to be released in nine years, which celebrates 25 years since the singer began his solo career.

Red TX partered up with Nineteen Fifteen and Eagle Rock Productions – producers for Eagle Rock Entertainment – to ensure a quality soundtrack. As well as working closely with the American recording crew, the firm was also tasked with mixing the concert – a job that was tackled on board Red TX’s main Outside Broadcast vehicle, Red One, with director Tim Summerhayes at the controls.

“I have worked with Tim and the Red TX team for many years and they are my first choice for all my music projects, in particular live shows," said Nineteen Fifteen producer Vicki Betihavas. "On this occasion we had entirely local support for the filming, with only the producer, director and DOP coming in from the UK. However, Red TX knew the audio crew in Los Angeles so I knew we were in safe hands as Tim and the US team coordinated what we needed. Tim also mixed the Theatrical, TV and DVD versions for us and the sound was great – as always.”

Summerhayes added: “I was really happy to be involved in this project. We arranged to have the concert recorded by Guy Charbonneau and his son Ian who run Le Mobile in Los Angeles. I’ve known Guy for years and was entirely confident that he would do a great job. The multitrack arrived back in the UK as a disc drive of .WAV files. I mixed it over a period of five days and it was a very straightforward task since the recording had been so well done. The band was excellent and, because it was a small venue, the sound was really honest.”

The project was finished in July in time for the film’s Global Theatrical release. Morrissey 25: Live from Hollywood High is still being shown in various territories and regions, particularly in the United States, where it is playing encore performances in numerous cities. The DVD/Blu-ray version will come out on October 21st 2013.

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