Spanish jazz festival powered by Lab.gruppen and Lake

Bringing together a number of the world’s finest jazz musicians, Spain’s San Sebastian International Jazz Festival recently saw Lab.gruppen and Lake provide power across the event’s various stages.

A total of 14 PLM 10000Qs were put to use on the main PA, which powered a rig featuring Electro-Voice’s X-Line, with a mixture of Xvls, Xvlt and Xsubs. Monitor duties were handled by an additional six PLM 10000Q’s.

“We have around 30 Lab.gruppen amplifiers in our inventory,” said Jorge De La Torre, owner of Spanish production company Soinua. “The reason we chose to invest in that technology is because we wanted to tool to unify all of our systems and improve the overall quality of the audio. Since the PLM Series is capable of powering any of our touring systems, and increases the overall clarity we are able to offer, then it is a perfect choice.”

The two-input, four-output PLM 10000Q is designed to integrate networked digital signal distribution through Dante, drive processing, power amplification, and load verification, plus performance monitoring in a single hardware unit and unified Lake Controller software. This approach aims to combine Lake Processing and Lab.gruppen power; a combination that has clearly impressed Soinua.

“The integrated Lake Processing within the PLM Series was a real breakthrough for the world of PA. We have used Lake since the early days of the Dolby DLP, so to have the world’s best processing platform inside your amplifier, with the need for an external DSP, meant less rack space and less equipment, so it really streamlined our offerings to customers. For speed of use, flexibility and sound quality, the PLM Series really is unsurpassed.

“The wheel was a great invention the moment there was a drive shaft attached to it,” concluded De La Torre. “In the same way, the PA was a great invention the moment Lab.gruppen amplifiers were invented!”

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