Spatial Audio and Audio for VR to be explored in AES Milan immersive presentations and experiences

Audio industry leaders in new markets and media are slated to take on the multi-faceted topics of Spatial Audio and Audio for Virtual Reality at the AES Milan 144th International Convention, taking place at the NH Hotel Milano Congress Centre in Milan, Italy from 23–26 May.

Offering an in-depth look into these rapidly advancing and game-changing technologies, AES Milan will offer cutting-edge research presentations, tutorials, workshops and ears-on demonstrations highlighting spatial audio production in a variety of applications and settings. Advance registration pricing on All Access badges is available until 1 May.

Among the most talked-about new technologies at recent AES Conventions, Spatial Audio and Virtual Reality offer new and immersive opportunities for conveying “The Power of Sound” – the theme for the AES Milan Convention – with unique experiences in entertainment, scientific exploration and communications, with many possibilities still being pioneered. One of the key technologies gaining the attention of both audio professionals and consumers is Virtual Reality, which offers many new and exciting applications for art and science.

The workshop ”Stereophonic Techniques for VR and 360º Content” will give examples of stereophonic techniques for VR production and show a workflow suggestion using practical examples, as well as the advantages of using conventional Stereo microphone arrays instead of first-order Ambisonics microphones.

Conversely, the presentation “Virtual Reality Audio: B-Format Processing” will discuss the latest innovations in B-Format for processing recording, rendering and post-production. Spatial and 3D Audio have also found an ever-increasing presence in interactive audio productions and real-world environments and simulations. Tutorials and presentations such as “Intelligent Acoustic Interfaces for High-Definition 3D Audio” and “New Surround and Immersive Recordings” will cover both technical and procedural aspects, while sessions including “Listening Session on Large 3D Audio System,” “Psychoacoustics of 3D Sound Recording” and “Surround with Depth Listening Session on Loudspeaker Cubes” will offer attendees concentrated listening experiences and insights unique to the AES convention. 

One of the most exciting uses of spatial audio is in music production for creating immersive listening experiences for audiences in a variety of different formats. The presentation “Production of Dance Music in 3D” will give an overview of basic psychoacoustics, the creation of 3D sounds for a dance track, and implementing 3D audio using keyboards and synthesizers. Further, the sessions “Kraftwerk and Booka Shade – The Challenge to Create Electro Pop Music in Immersive / 3D Audio” and “ANTON – Universe in 3D: Ambisonics in Electronic Music Production” will give detailed analysis of the technology and innovations used in these productions.

Boasting the theme “The Power of Sound,” the 144th International AES Convention will bring together audio professionals, students, enthusiasts and advanced audio technologies from around the world for four days of audio immersion, experiences and networking. Register now at for Advance Registration rates through 1 May, including additional discount pricing for AES members and students.