Spitfire Audio Albion Solstice

Spitfire Audio launches folk-inspired Albion Solstice film scoring library

Spitfire Audio has expanded its Albion range with the new Albion Solstice film library inspired by folk traditions.

Featuring thousands of sounds and loops, the new library is designed to help create modern film scores, rather than folk music. 

Recorded at the legendary Castlesound Studios in Edinburgh, Scotland, the Albion Solstice has been launched to coincide with the Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere. 

It features a dynamic selection of specially workshopped ensembles, featuring highly specialised players and soundsmiths from a cross-section of classical, folk, Celtic, Gallic, and other traditions.

Designed as a celebration of un-notated traditions, the library is curated by Spitfire co-founder Christian Henson and has been developed over the course of two years. 

Split into three sections – The Solstice Orchestra, The Cassette Orchestra and The Drone Grid –  the library samples a wide range of sounds from strings, brass, and woodwind to more unusual instruments such as the nyckelharpa, Celtic fiddles and Hurdy Gurdy.

The Solstice Orchestra features 10 curated ensembles and a soloist along with 235 articulations, 78 of which are found in the two string sections, including legatos.

The Cassette Orchestra is an expansive set of 150 presets made from 750 sound sources culled from the Solstice Orchestra. All of the sounds are customisable via Spitfire’s eDNA GUI.

The Drone Grid offers almost infinite inspiration using Spitfire’s EVO grid GUI.

Spitfire Albion Solstice is available now with a price tag of £399/$449/€449. Owners of the any existing Albion library can save 35% off until 15 July 2021, with a promo price tag of £299/$349/€349.

Spitfire recently expanded its Abbey Road One film-scoring library with the addition of Wonderous Flutes and also added the distinctive sound of The Beatles’ Mrs Mills piano to its Originals range. 

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