SSE Audio hit the road in March for UK equipment demonstrations

The Redditch-based sound solutions company, SSE Audio, are to take to the road with their equipment roadshow demonstrating equipment from manufacturers including L-Acoustics, Midas, AVID and Sennheiser.

Anyone is able to drop in on the team as they head to London (March 6th), Redditch (March 7th) and Bradford (March 8th) where the showcases will be taking place between midday and 5pm.

The events will see an L-Acoustics engineer demonstrating a range of L-Acoustics tech. This includes the ARCS II Constant Curvature WST Line Source—an ideal FOH line source range for medium throw applications—along with with SB28 Subs. They will also be demonstrating the ultra-compact KIVA Line Source along with SB18 Subs.

Worcestershire-based Midas will be presenting the recently launched Midas PRO2c compact digital console. The PRO2c is a compact 64-channel mixing system which is no larger than many 24-channel analogue consoles.

AVID staff will also be on hand to guide attendees though some of the company’s kit. The event will give the opportunity for attendees to try out the 48-channel AVID VENUE SC48 digital mixing console with the new AVID VENUE Stage 48 Remote stagebox. 

Also, Sennheiser will be showcasing their Sennheiser g3 300 series and 2000 series radio systems at the event.

“We put on events like this to give people the opportunity to see some of the latest and greatest products available,” explained SSE’s Alex Penn. “We want to keep pushing forwards with the latest technologies and products and this gives us a great opportunity to showcase and increase the profile of both SSE and the brands we represent.”

Clearly this is an ideal opportunity to go and learn more about some of the technology SSE Audio handle.

“For the visitors it’s great as they get a basic education in operation, get questions they have answered and also gives them the chance to get real hands on time too,” added Penn. “If there’s a product you, as a potential user, are particularly interested in then this is a far better forum to view in than a trade show. Ultimately it helps people to make better informed decisions on what products to use, and where the best outlets to source them from are. It also gives all parties a chance to meet on a face to face basis and build working relationships. This all contributes to our policy of being a true service provider, & a business with which people will want to work.”

To find out more about the venues, visit the SSE Sales Roadshows information page. You are also able to book via this page although booking is not necessary.