SSL launches new live console

Solid State Logic has expanded its Live console range with the release of the SSL Live.L300 console and a new V2.5 software release that brings developments to the SSL Live console platform. The L300 will be shown at the 137th AES show in Los Angeles on booth #1409.

The new release means there are now two models available in the SSL Live console range, the larger L500 and the new more compact L300. Both consoles use and can share the same Remote I/O.

The L300 delivers up to 568 input/outputs, 128 processing paths (96 full, 32 dry), a 32×36 matrix, 36 VCA’s, and 48 FX slots.

L300 ships with new V2.5 software, which brings advanced Effects optimisation and 27 new features and updates to the SSL Live console platform. The new Effects optimisation increases the number of Effects instances, which can be deployed simultaneously for many of the onboard Effect types.

L300 and V2.5 will be available from November 2014.

A new L300 compatible version of SOLSA, SSL’s OffLine Setup Application, will also be released alongside V2.5.