SSR Manchester opens Audient-equipped studio

A brand new studio featuring a 36-channel Audient ASP8024 console with integrated patchbay and producer’s desk has been unveiled at SSR Manchester to coincide with the start of the new term.

This year alone, some 120 students – including those studying for music production and sound engineering degrees – will be able to get their hands on the console.

SSR’s technical director, Tom Aston said: “Students have been overwhelmingly positive about the Audient ASP8024. They find it well laid out, spacious and logical.

“The ability for us to configure the layout and being able to install a producer’s desk next to the master section was important to us.”

Replacing a 20-year-old Amek Einstein Super-E, Aston acknowledged it was time for something “more modern and reliable.” The decision to go for the British desk was pretty straightforward, it turns out. “There really aren’t any other new consoles that provide these features and options at this price point,” he added.

“The Audient Studio is one of three of our intermediate level studios. The other studios comprise of a digital console and a control surface, so the Audient helps us to provide a great balance of console formats to students at this level.”

Audio engineering tutor, Alan Wrench, uses the console on a daily basis, and commented: “Teaching the analogue signal path is very important and helps students understand other formats, such as digital. We use the desk to demonstrate all aspects of a typical recording project.”

It is not just about the formal lectures though, as Wrench continued: “Not only is it used in lessons but it is available for students to use in their own sessions and projects, where they put their knowledge into practice.”