Stagetec introduces Nexus Monitoring Control at Tonmeistertagung

Stagetec has announced its solution to effective signal monitoring at Tonmeistertagung 2014, the Nexus Monitor Control.

The new unit promises to provide an easy way to monitor signals in Nexus networks, completely independent of the mixing console. It is aimed as a monitor controller in a sound editing suite or for supervisor monitoring control in large Nexus networks.

The controller enables signal source selection, monitoring volume adjustment, choice of alternative loudspeakers and much more. With a touchscreen the system also provides extensive access to the Logic Control functions integrated into Nexus.

The interface consists of a precision multi-touch screen with a custom-designed GUI that enables rapid and intuitive operation. Additionally, the Nexus Monitor Control does not require an operating system, making it very fast, allowing it to respond to the user’s operations in virtually real time.

Nexus Monitor Control gives access to all the signals of the entire Nexus network. A CAT cable to the corresponding control board in any Nexus Base Device within the audio network is the only connection required. Even if the connection is interrupted, audio settings are retained and monitoring of the selected signals continues since the audio processing necessary takes place within the Nexus as usual.