Audient ASP8024 Heritage Edition installed at Dun Laoghaire Further Education Institute

An Audient ASP8024 Heritage Edition console has been installed as part of a full studio upgrade at Dun Laoghaire Further Education Institute (DFEi).

Patrick Wall, course coordinator of the Music and Sound Engineering programmes explains how it has already motivated and interested the students; “We offer students the chance to undertake supervised studio time outside of class hours to work on their own projects. There has been really great uptake this year, and I am sure that the new console and studio improvements have played a part.”

The studio setup consists of a control room, main live room, drum room and smaller booth. The control room houses the Audient console, Genelec monitoring, Mac Mini M1 running ProTools and an outboard rack with various processors and effects. “As well as the new Audient console, we installed bespoke studio furniture and a new patchbay to integrate our rack gear,” says Patrick.

Recommended by local pro audio services company, Big Bear Sound, it was the price point and the fact that it’s an analogue desk that originally attracted them to the Audient. William Demange, DFEi’s Sound Engineering & Music Technology teacher is very pleased. “It’s working really well! All I/Os are routed to our new patchbay which simplifies the work flow.

When asked about the features of the desk he explains that it offers great flexibility. Demange also added “The layout of the console and the fact it’s a large format desk makes it easier for students to learn on. We also appreciate the DAW control features and those punchy preamps.”

It is not just current students who are enjoying the upgraded studio space at DFEi, according to Patrick. “Interestingly, we have had a number of visits from former students now working in the industry who were particularly impressed by the new console and studio upgrade.”

With currently three class groups using the console: SE5A – Sound Engineering and Music Production with DJ Skills, SE5B – Sound Engineering and Music Production with Live Music Skills and SE6A – Advanced Sound Engineering and Music Production (second year students), around 36 students will be working directly with the desk over the course of this year. Patrick anticipates that number to increase in time. “We expect to continue to grow, as our investment in new technology should draw more students to our courses.”


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