Studer Vista 5 deployed for Donny and Marie Osmond tour

A Harman Studer Vista 5 console has been deployed by New York-based Sound Associates to mix FOH for Donny and Marie Osmond’s current tour.

The duo’s performances include a 90-minute variety show, made up of original hits in conjunction with an array of special effects and dancing. FOH engineer Lucas Rico Corrubia described the Vista 5 as “the most sophisticated board and perfect for theatrical performances.” He added: “After trying an assortment of digital consoles, we went with the Vista 5 because it still has the analogue feel that I love so much.”

Meanwhile, David Bullard, system designer for Sound Associates, commented, “On the road there isn’t much time for setup and tuning. We have to be ready to go feeling confident that the show will go smoothly and most importantly, sound beautiful.”

The transition from analogue to digital initially seemed like a daunting challenge for Corrubia, yet he claims that any fears he had we allayed after trying the Vista 5 desk. “It’s amazing. For someone who has been mixing for over 30 years, I was able to make the easy switch and noticed right away the value of the digital console,” he said. “The layout is user-friendly and provides me with anything I could ever want in a board.

“I love the programming and the snapshots,” he continued. “Being able to save cues and settings makes my job even easier. With 12 people on stage with a variety of roles, it helps greatly to have a whole section of the board dedicated to making changes on the fly. I don’t need to scroll through pages or settings to change a fader or EQ, it’s all there when I need it.”

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