tikal blood moon

Studio 22 records soundtrack for Vegas and LA VR game venues

The Budapest Art Orchestra has recorded a new score for VR game Tikal: night of the blood moon.

Studio 22 is featured in the video below.

Swiss composer and sound designer Jakob Eisenbach (Patient Zero, Temple of the Diamond Skull), in partnership with TRUEVR Systems, releases the original soundtrack on August 19th. Now available at VR locations in North America and Europe,Tikal: night of the blood moon is a VR arcade experience utilizing motion capture, physical props and 4D effects to teleport players into an ancient Mayan temple.

“Tikal is one-of-a-kind virtual reality experience that takes place during a long prophecised event in an ancient temple of the tikal,” explains Eisenbach. “The focus and aesthetics demanded huge dimensions: especially in the vertical dimension, since this can only be achieved in a VR environment. Musically we needed to tell this story with an epic-sized orchestra, which I pushed to have recorded live.. Inspirations for this epic journey were the symphonies of Anton Bruckner, the orchestration finesse of Franz Schrecker, the massive power of Carl Orff’s ‘Carmina Burana’ and a very important touch of simplicity to not overwhelm players while immersed in the game.”

“Tikal was always planned to become our flagship experience from the very beginning,” commented TRUEVR Systems CEO and Producer, Philip Lacoste. “Therefore, it was clear to us that in addition to creating a stunning level of visual detail, the music needed to be beyond the highest standards that any location-based VR experience has done before. The results that Jakob achieved with the Budapest Art Orchestra not only brought the heart and soul into the game, but we truly believe this level of quality is unparalleled in the VR industry.”

To book tickets for Tikal in North America, visit TRUEVR Systems centres and licensed partners Virtualis VR (Las Vegas) and Hyper Gate VR (Los Angeles).