Studio closures due to planned development are a ‘terrible, silent loss of heritage’

Alchemy studio owner Kenny Jones has told AMI that studio closures taking place due to planned development are a "terrible silent loss of heritage that has gone almost completely un-noticed".

Jones words came after winning a legal fight fight to stop developers from digging a basement close to his facility.

As reported by the Ham & High, the Alchemy Studio owner Kenny Jones (who as worked with Robbie Williams, Bjork, The Smiths and Oasis) argued that the building work would drive his studio out of business.

Jones has owned the studio for the past 13 years taking it over from his friend, the producer Adrian Sherwood at the end of 2004.

"I’ve had to learn a great deal about planning, planning permission and how to try and defend against the seemingly unstoppable onslaught of developers and their close association with council planning departments," continued Jones, speaking to AMI.

"I am deeply humbled and grateful to all the many musicians and friends of the studio that have offered help and given of their time and support to try and prevent losing the studio. It is remarkable that the loss of an established business such as mine is of no relevance to planning! It is an indicator perhaps as to why so very many (almost all) of London’s studios in which I used to work as a freelancer have now gone to be replaced by housing."

On Monday Jones told a publicly-attended meeting at Haringey’s planning sub-committee that proposed “building work will force the closure of a successful business.”

Jones cited Air Studio’s successful bid to stop a basement development in October 2017 after a two-year legal battle.

Three out of six councillors voted to reject the bid at the planning sub-committee on Monday night.

"We have won what is probably only the first battle in the war against this obvious over development that would have forced closure of a studio that has been making albums and recording both local and international musicians for nearly 40 years. It is the unique and quiet location of the old victorian building that has enabled it to continue for so many years," added Jones.

"I know very well that the developers will not give up, too much money is at stake. There will be an appeal and I will be starting an online petition in support of Alchemy to at least give the Haringey planners pause for thought before making a final decision that I will not be able to challenge. I have worked with a number of quite well known artists over the years and know that many will be able to lend their support."