STUDIO SPOTLIGHT: Sphere Studios, London

Audio Pro International, in association with AllStudios, presents the latest instalment of our Studio Spotlight, which this month focuses on London’s Sphere Studios.

Open since 2001, Sphere Studios is a complex of high-end recording, mixing and project studios situated in central London, near Battersea Bridge.

With ample parking and easy access to Clapham Junction mainline station, as well as some of London’s best-known bars and restaurants, the complex incorporates extensive ISDN and broadband transmission services and also has a large communal lounge and bar area. Sphere offers three spacious control rooms dedicated to tracklaying and stereo/5.1 surround mixing, all with full sound to picture facilities. Studio One houses a 72-channel Neve 88R, HDX 2 Pro Tools with Prism Sound interfaces, a Studer 827 and Clasp interface and a collection of new and vintage outboard, including a Fairchild 670 and Pultec EQP-1A3s.

The live area is capable of holding up to 35 musicians and features several adjoining booths. Studio Two is home to an SSL 4060G+ console – formerly at Alpha Centauri – which chief engineer Francesco Cameli says is "the best G series" currently working in London. A/D conversion in Studio Two is also provided by Prism, but there is also a separate Print Rig with Lavry Gold front end, which runs at 96kHz. Studio Three is now available for long term let as a mix/overdub suite, much like Sphere’s smaller production rooms.

"At Sphere, we are on a constant quest to offer the best of what is available when it comes to equipment and service," commented Cameli. "We believe constant mutation for the better is the key to prolonged longevity. Over the years Sphere has invested heavily in the best new and vintage outboard as well as building up one of the most impressive microphone collections in Europe.

"Recent purchases include eight Neve 1093s, eight Neve 1081s, four 1073s, four 1084s, a pair of EAR 660s, not to mention a fourth drum kit, and two new snares. All of these are available on a first come first served basis and all live in flight cases which can be moved into whichever room requires them." A complete equipment list can be found here.

Sphere also has seven dry hire production rooms available for longterm let to artists, composers and producers, each of which is fully networked to the main studio via a central machine room. "In a world where so much happens ‘in the box’," added Cameli, "Sphere is a traditional studio with great sounding, modern and exciting spaces to make music in. All our clients, from Adele to, feel at home with us. That has always been our goal, to create a perfect blend of Old and New School. I feel we are doing that brilliantly and we will continue to strive to be the best in all the services we offer."

To contact Sphere or find out more about the studio, click here

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