Studio Technologies debuts Dante Beltpack for on-air applications

Studio Technologies has introduced the Model 381 On-Air Beltpack, featuring Dante audio-over-Ethernet technology.

The highly-compact, lightweight unit is designed to provide a complete on-air position for on-air talent or related personnel, supporting broadcast environments that include traditional sports and live entertainment events, eSports, newsgathering, and streaming applications.

Dante support also allows compatibility with many contemporary audio applications. The Model 381 can be used “standalone” or integrated with a multitude of other networked audio devices that use standard Ethernet networking infrastructure.

Deploying the Model 381 requires just a Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) connection, a microphone, and a pair of headphones or an earpiece. Once connected, users are provided with main and talkback output channels with associated status pushbutton switch, two audio listen channels, and sidetone capabilities. The lightweight aluminium enclosure incorporates a belt clip to allow direct attachment to on-air talent’s clothing.

The unit is equipped with an etherCON RJ45 jack for the PoE Ethernet connection, a 3-pin XLR connector for the microphone input, and ¼-inch jack for interfacing with the headphones or earpiece. Two Dante audio input channels provide users with talent cue (IFB) signals. An integrated sidetone function can be enabled to provide users with a microphone confidence signal. A pushbutton switch on the Model 381’s top panel provides a combination talkback and “cough” function.

All Model 381 configuration choices are selected using Studio Technologies’ STcontroller software application, which is Windows compatible. Selectable operating parameters include microphone preamplifier gain, P48 phantom power, headphone signal routing, sidetone operation, and pushbutton switch action. The Model 381 is also compatible with Dante Domain Manager and is AES67-compliant.